What is the full onboarding process like?



10:52 AM on October 10, 2022

​From sign-up to post-launch sign-off, here's a step-by-step guide on how to get your fundraise ready to go.


Step 1. Signup for an Issuer's Account

If you're looking to raise funds, make sure you set up an issuer's account, which is completely free.

Afterwards, schedule a preliminary interview with our Onboarding Team.


Step 2. Complete the necessary information for your account

Make sure that you completely fill up the required fields under the Profile, Company, and Team sections.

Upload all company registration and other documentary requirements, such as the government-issued IDs of all of the company's principal officers, management, and corporate secretary.

Don't forget to complete and submit SEC Form CF(?) as well!

Save this information and allow us time to review and verify your account. If you've forgotten to submit something that's delaying verification, we'll be sure to let you know.​​​​​​

Step 3. Read, review, and accomplish all the Legal Agreements

You'll find the prerequisite legal agreements in the following sections:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Statement
  • Issuer's Agreement
  • Crowdfunding Cash Account Agreement


Step 4. Accomplish the rest of the required tabs in the Company & Team sections

While waiting for your account to be reviewed and verified, fill up the following tabs:

  • Summary Business Plan
  • Ownership Structure
  • Financial Position/Status


Step 5. Once your account is verified, access the Campaign forms through the Campaign section of your account.

  • Set up the parameters of the offering, fundraising target, duration, and other details.

  • Upload your offering materials (pitch deck, audited financial statements, term sheet, and the like) to the Documents section.

  • Finalize your proposed launch date.

  • Complete and submit the campaign offering forms (SEC Form CF-O) for approval.


Step 6. Launching your Campaign

Preview and give the go ahead to publish your company's Campaign along with your public Profile.

Launch your campaign and let the countdown begin!













For information related to campaign and post-campaign activity, please see the following FAQ sections: During Your Campaign and After Your Campaign.